The Journey to Self-Reliance

Follow a young Geologist on the journey of taking an 80 year-old cabin on Washington State’s Lake Sawyer, off grid.

Project List for Discussion:


-Blake Rasmussen, Founder

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4 thoughts on “The Journey to Self-Reliance

  1. A couple of things on solar panels in Washington state west of the Cascades. Reflectors make a big difference. I put a reflector made of a piece of galvanized sheet metal 1/3 bigger than panel at 30° angle up from horizontal and panel at 70°. By doing this I got a fix panel setup to have 100% production on overcast days. (6 hours in December & January) Advantages less change of breakage when hail strikes a panel at a 70° angle then a 40°. Grid tied systems means between 25 & 30 percent more production. Off grid systems winter production for non-reflector setups is usually ‘0’.

    In the summertime best angel is 42° and wintertime 52°. I also used a 4’x8′ plastic political sign covered with a sheet of reflective Mylar. This also makes a great solar trough reflector for solar hot water.

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    1. Phil! Thank you for the Washington State solar efficiency tips. I am still definitely learning! It happens that I have a large roll of 5 foot mylar reflective sheeting, I will play around and do some production testing with that for sure! Thank you so much! Also, I am curious to try tilting my panels as you suggested, but towards the lake! Based on tests from my light-meter, it seems I get around 30% greater Lux/Lumens on average. But yes, on yesterday’s very cloudy PNW day, I was struggling to get above 100-200 watts out of my 24V 600 watt setup, so I can see how reflectors may be the answer! Haha my solution was ordering two more 100 watt renogy solar panels on the spot, wups haha. Also, since you mentioned it, I am soon to be 100% off-grid, with my 12V 400ah battery bank of parallel AGM sealed lead acid batteries, currently running about 75 watts an hour. May get another 1 or two for increased insurance haha.

      Also, I love the solar hot water reflector idea! I will try that as well! Thinking about adding rain catchment to my greenhouse, possibly some mylar may come in handy to heat it up, as well!

      Thank you again, I look forward to hearing from you again!



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